Attention, Juniors – Time to Take the SAT and Subject Tests

If you are in the 11th Grade, you should be taking the SAT soon. If you are thinking about applying to colleges that require Subject Tests, you should consider taking them this year also. Here are the dates and the tests offered:

Test Date: January 26, 2008 (SAT and Subject Tests)
Registration Deadline: Passed

(January 26 is this Saturday and the deadlines for registration have passed – if you are not registered and you really want to take it, you can try to take it as a “stand-by”. Test centers usually order extra copies of the test. Report to a test center near you and hope that there is an extra test booklet. Tip: Before Saturday, call the test center and tell them what you want. They will advise you.)

Test Date: March 1, 2008 (SAT only)
Registration Deadline: January 29, 2008
Late Registration Deadline: February 7, 2008

Test Date: May 3, 2008 (SAT and Subject Tests)
Registration Deadline: April 1, 2008
Late Registration Deadline: April 10, 2008

Test Date: June 7, 2008 (SAT and Subject Tests)
Registration Deadline: May 6, 2008
Late Registration Deadline: May 15, 2008

About Subject Tests

Many colleges – especially the Ivy League – require applicants to take two or more Subject Tests. These are given in various subjects, like English, Math, US History, Chemistry, etc., to measure your knowledge. Scores range from 200 to 800. You may take one, two, or three Subject Tests on a test date, but you may not take the SAT and Subject Tests on the same date. Tip: Take a Subject Test at the end of the same academic year in which you have studied the subject in school. For example, if you are doing well in Chemistry this year, consider taking the Chemistry Subject Test this May or June.

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