1. California Institute of Technology -- Pasadena, CA. Smaller than MIT, but no less selective in admissions or demanding of its enrolled students. Techies galore, with Top SAT scores and decidedly tech-speak vocabulary. Total enrollment (approximate): 2100; Undergraduate enrollment: 930. If you love science and discovery and you have the credentials for admission, this may be the place for you.

2. Cooper Union -- NYC, NY. Looking for a top notch college at a barain price? How about FREE. Get yourself admitted to Cooper Union and you won't pay for your education. Geared toward art, architecture, and engineering. Total enrollment (approximate): 900; Undergraduate enrollment: 870.

3. UC, Berkeley -- Berkeley, CA.

4. Georgia Tech -- GA.

5. UNC, Chapel Hill -- Chapel Hill, NC.

6. University of St. Andrews -- Scotland. Highly rated education across the pond. Established in 1413 -- oldest in Scotland, third oldest in UK, and way older than Harvard (1636). Total enrollment (approximate): 6500; Undergraduate enrollment: 5500. "High standards, picturesque, historic."

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